We’re working with our partners to create training opportunities that prepare you for entry level roles in tech. Check out the programs below, and join the pipeline for updates about new training.


NYC Web Development Fellowship

The Tech Talent Pipeline is excited to launch the NYC Web Development Fellowship with three new training providers - Fullstack Academy, General Assembly and New York Code and Design Academy.

Offered free of cost to eligible applicants, the NYC Web Development Fellowship programs will prepare New Yorkers for new careers as frontend, backend or fullstack web developers. 

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Series A: Data

Series A: Data is a part-time training, delivered in partnership with General Assembly, connecting New Yorkers to full-time employment as entry-level data analysts. 

Series A:QA

Excited to become a quality assurance tester? Delivered in partnership with Per Scholas, this part-time course can give you the skills and opportunities to launch a brand new career as a QA tester, making sure that everything from applications to websites work the way they should. 


Series A:IT

Excited to become an IT engineer? Series A: IT provides an opportunity to launch a new career in tech as an entry-level IT Engineer. The course includes hands-on activities like taking apart a computer to troubleshooting wireless connections and inputting network settings on user devices. Delivered in partnership with Per Scholas, the part-time program provides the opportunity to gain exposure and knowledge, while building a portfolio of work that you can share with employers.



The Bridge-to-Tech Program (B2T) is a part-time, no-cost program “pre-training” program designed to prepare individuals for advanced training in web development and related careers. Bridge-to-Tech provides foundational coding skills, professional skills, and career exploration needed for graduates to enter and succeed in occupational training for a range of careers in technology, with a focus on gaining entry to no-cost, high-quality programs like the NYC Web Development Fellowship. 

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