We are working with NYC's academic institutions to give students the exposure and industry experience needed to start careers in tech.



CUNY Tech Prep

CUNY Tech Prep is a year-long, industry-informed program for advanced students in Computer Science and related majors at the 11 CUNY senior colleges. Through the free program, students will work with a team to complete a full-stack web application, demo it to employers from the NYC tech sector, and work one-on-one with career coaches on professional skills like technical resume writing and interviewing.

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TTP Residency

TTP Residency provides exposure to professional opportunities in tech for computer science majors. The program begins with a four-week training on building web applications and workplace skills delivered on campus by the New York Code + Design Academy. Upon completion of the training, participants begin a paid internship at leading NYC businesses in web and mobile developer roles and connection to job opportunities post-graduation. TTP Residency is currently offered to students at Lehman College and Queens College. 


Academic Partners

The NYC Tech Talent Pipeline Academic Council includes 16 NYC institutions that work with us to ensure alignment of computer science education and tech workforce needs across the five boroughs.