31,000 Businesses

From finance to healthcare to media and entertainment, the industries that power New York City run on tech talent. Companies of all sizes, missions, and fields are looking for candidates who are eager to solve problems with technology. 

300,000 Tech Jobs

There are hundreds of different technical roles, from data analysts who use technology to help businesses make decisions, to web developers who build apps and websites that customers use. These high-paying entry-level roles can lead to fulfilling careers in tech. 


Tech Types

Quality Assurance Analyst
Test the limits

Quality Assurance Analysts test products to find errors and uncover problems before they’re released to the public. They're responsible for making sure that products are designed well and function properly.


Who you are

  • Enjoy trying out new products 
  • Stay up to date on the latest and greatest in tech and devices
  • Want to get involved in tech, but not sure where to start
  • Enjoy puzzles and challenges

What you'll do

  • Help find and fix mistakes before an app, site or other feature launches
  • Perform tests to ensure apps, sites and features work as expected
  • Design innovative new ways to test, find and diagnose problems
  • Find, investigate and report errors


IT Engineer
Keep things up
and running

IT Engineers maintain the systems and tools that employees need to work in and outside of an office.
When an application crashes or the internet stalls, they save the day.


Who you are

  • Enjoy tinkering with computers and devices
  • Are curious about how tech products work
  • Enjoy fast-paced work
  • Enjoy solving problems

What you'll do

  • Work with different people to understand their needs
  • Resolve issues that affect users and systems
  • Update and install computer software for users
  • Set up and update systems across the company


Web Developer
Build online experiences

Web developers create the look, feel, and functionality of web applications, from simple pages to complex tools, making them accessible and easy for people across devices.


Who you are

  • Have a creative spirit
  • Love following the latest web trends & technologies
  • Think logically and critically 
  • Have tried or are interested in learning how to code

What you'll do

  • Build interactive websites and web apps that allow people to communicate and interact
  • Ensure that website designs are intuitive, easy to access and uniform throughout 
  • Maintain the code that power websites


Mobile Developer
Create amazing apps

Mobile Developers create the tools, games, and social content you love on iOS and Android devices. They provide easy access to resources and tools to people around the world.


Who you are

  • iPhone or Android obsessed 
  • Always on the hunt for the latest cool app
  • Enjoy learning about new technology
  • Have strong preferences for specific technology or apps
  • Have tried or areinterested in learning how to code

What you'll do

  • Work with businesses to create or improve mobile experiences for customers across multiple devices
  • Meet with clients to translate their ideas into apps 
  • Perform critical updates to ensure applications meet device and app store requirements

Data Analyst
Find hidden stories

Data Analysts collect, manage, and study data from various sources to help businesses make smart decisions.


Who you are

  • Able to work across teams and with a variety of stakeholders
  • Communicate effectively and build strong relationships with team members
  • Have a knack for math, facts and figures
  • Love simplifying complex ideas

What you'll do

  • Work with businesses and customers to answer questions using data
  • Measure performance across a company, product or website
  • Create dashboards, graphs and visualizations